What Happens on the Day?


There's on old saying that goes something like "photo or it didn't happen!" Need a photo to prove you've ridden the home of Motorsport? Of course you do! Also, trackside photography is an excellent way to add value to your SMSP ride day experience. Not only can you print up a poster for the pool room but the images are invaluable for analysing your body and track position to help you improve your riding skills, and monitor progress. Interested? Well, have we got the photographer for you...

Tim Munro has been a long time motorcycling and motorsport photographer and is a welcome addition to the services provided at SMSP Ride Days. Tim will be attending all of our events and offering a personalised service which guarantees you plenty of high resolution, top quality images, delivered via online link within a few days. For more details simply chat with Tim or one of his team on the day at the photo setup next to scrutineering in pit lane on the morning of your event.