What Happens on the Day?

Get The Most Out Of Your Day

  • Check your bike and riding gear over at least a week before your event to allow time for repairs/replacements if necessary.
  • Get a good night’s sleep and go easy on alcohol and other unnecessary evils the night before your event.
  • Fatigue + hangover = a ride in a white van with pretty lights!
  • If you are unable to trailer your bike to the track and bring additional fuel, please arrive at the track with a full tank of gas. There will be time between sessions to refuel at a service station if necessary.
  • Aim to arrive at the track before 6.30am if at all possible. You’ll need to get through the scrutineering and registration processes before ontrack activity begins at 8.30am. B1 Group (Med-fast) is first on track so it’s advisable for riders in this group to be in their leathers prior to that time.
  • Either bring some snacks, or enough money to purchase snacks from the kiosk – 20 minute sessions may not sound long, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you work up an appetite!
  • Ensure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, irrespective of how hot or cold the day may seem. Dehydration is a serious issue when riding motorcycles quickly. We will have a supply of water and electrolytes available which will assist in keeping you hydrated and alert.
  • Please be prompt when called out for your riding session. We’ll do all we can to maximise your track time, but we need your help to do so!